Learning Permanent Hair Reduction without Laser from EpilFree

Learning Permanent Hair Reduction without Laser from EpilFree

The Epilfree treatment is a permanent hair reduction that is an all-natural product.The 2-step serum is applied to the skin during a waxing or sugaring treatment. Its all-natural ingredients stop the duplication of cells in the live anagen follicle, rendering it useless. No heat!

Epilfree is effective at permanently stopping the function of the hair follicle without using heat! Lasers emit light into the skin that is absorbed by the melanin in the hair and then converted to heat which damages the hair follicle/bulb.

We will explain in detail how our non-heat-based serum approach to permanent hair reduction is more inclusive to:

Clients who are age 40’s and up.
Clients who are fitzpatrick 1, 2, 3 who tan in the summer.
Clients who are prematurely grey.
Clients with blonde hair.
Clients with tattoos.
Clients with hormonal issues

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