Melanoma Is Not Just Skin Cancer by Oncology Training International

Morag Currin of Oncology Training International

Presents Melanoma Is NOT, ‘Just Skin Cancer’

This is a 45 minute FREE preview of Oncology International’s 2 Hour Course. 
People diagnosed with melanoma will vehemently let you know that this diagnosis and treatment is not to be taken lightly.  People’s lives are lost because of melanoma.  They will tell you that melanoma is not just skin cancer and there is a difference between non-melanoma skin cancers and malignant melanoma.
This is why salon/spa professionals need to be educated and informed about moles and melanomas!  A survey amongst melanoma survivors clearly indicates that self-body checks followed by an evaluation with a healthcare professional are the main reason a person is diagnosed.  The second highest tally is the suspicious lesion being noted by ‘another person’.  That ‘other person’ can be you – the salon/spa professional.  You can save a person’s life.
Let’s explore some of the immunotherapy drugs being prescribed for melanoma currently and the side effects that are incurred that affect the skin.  Let’s be informed.

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This is a 45 minute FREE preview of Oncology International’s 2 Hour Course. 
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